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Music Generation Wicklow

Sub Commitee

Music Generation Wicklow is overseen by a Sub Committee which ensures that the activities follow the proposed policy. They also support the work of the Music Generation Wicklow staff team, maintain an oversight into financial matters and contribute to developments in education, funding, stakeholders and the main bodies. The committee comprises of representatives of the Kildare & Wicklow Education & Training Board, Wicklow County Council and independent public committee members.


Steering Committee Members


Chair: Cllr. Nicola Lawless – Board member KWETB

Joe Behan – Board member  KWETB

Cllr. Tommy Annesley – Board member KWETB

Jenny Sherwin – Arts Officer Wicklow County Council

Michael Nicolson – Director of Services Wicklow County Council

Miriam Cahill – School Principal

George Jacob – Director Bray Jazz Festival

Ronan McCauley – Musician and Youth Worker

Leo Kilroy – Teacher & Inspectorate Department of Education & Skills

Eric Greaves – Music Under the Mountains Festival

Niamh O’Donnell – Director Mermaid Arts Centre


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