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A native of Co. Kildare, Bernard graduated with a BA in Commercial Modern Music from BIMM Dublin, DIT, specialising in Electric Bass. Bernard continues his studies privately in double bass under the expert guidance of Sarah Halpin, member of the Irish Baroque Orchestra. A member of Co. Kildare Orchestra and Co-Orch Dublin, Bernard has a passion for both performing and teaching music and is also a tutor for Music Generation Wicklow and St Andrews College, Booterstown. Having also studied privately in Newpark Music School and the Conservatory DIT, Bernard has extensive experience in ensemble performance in classical, jazz and contemporary contexts.

Bernard began his career over 10 years ago playing guitar on the Irish Country scene with TR Dallas and Tony Bird. Since then, he has appeared on stage with stellar names such as Mary Black, Danny O’Reilly and Tommy Fleming and has appeared on ‘The Late Late Show’ with Irish pop act ‘Picturehouse’. He has toured internationally with ‘St John the Gambler’ and is a member of psychedelic slacker-wave band ‘Beach’. He continues to perform professionally with The Controversial All Stars, Nightlife Jazz Trio and blues outfit, ‘Jack Maher’ and ‘The Accused’.