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Gavin Boxwell has been involved with music for over 25 years. He has studied jazz, pop,
blues, rock, classical, reggae etc, he also attended Ballyfermot Rock School and New Park
Jazz, where he studied under Ronan Gilfoyle. Gavin plays bass guitar to a very high
standard, he also plays double bass. Gavin has played and taught guitar and piano in
various schools for over ten years. This year he passed with Merit his RSL level 3 in popular
music performance, grade 8 (bass) with the International Music and Performance Arts Exam
Board, London. He is a person of integrity and honesty, these traits are invaluable to any

Over the years Gavin has been involved with various bands and artists. He has played with
Manifesto, Recipe for Jam, D. Thompson and The Grove. He is presently playing with a well
respected band called, “The Reflex” they are an exciting tribute band to music of the “80’s”.
Gavin has also worked with some very well respected producers, Ken McHugh Autamata,
Tony Perry Windmill Lane, John Scott The Factory.

For over ten years now Gavin has been involved with Des Carty School of Music and has
also worked with Alternat Entertainment. He comes to us with an enormous amount of
musical and teaching knowledge.