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A Graduate of Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, Kiev.

Her second Master degree she obtained from DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama with dissertation on synesthete composer Alexander Scriabin, Analysis of late One-Movement Sonata Form. She is continuing research on Scriabin’s late Miniature compositions in connection with his Mysterium as part of Doctorate program in RIAM.

Since Svetlana moved to Ireland in 2001, she performed as solo and chamber pianist in venues including the National Concert Hall, Helix, Farmleigh House, Bantry House, Cork Opera House, Belfast Festival, Killaloe Festival, Music for Galway, Boyle Festival, UCC Aula Maxima, recordings including broadcasts for RTE Lyric FM, RadioRadio, BBC Radio3.

She taught in DIT conservatory of music and drama, Cork school of music CIT and Dundalk IT music department.

She is fascinated with neurology of brain work and in particular synesthesia perception. Supporting hypothesis of Infants synaesthesia, she sees cross-modal functioning of a young brain as a possible explanation of child’s enormous capacity to learn and way of refreshing creativity in adulthood. She presented papers at International conferences on Music perception and cognition: Neurodynamics of language and music symposium, Helsinki; Multimodal experience of music, Sheffield; V International conference synesthesia, Alcala la Real; SMI postgraduate students’ conference 2014, Cork.

Svetlana teachers in BIFE music centre, she has being with Music Generation from the very beginning of the program as an accompanist for school choirs and piano tutor in Co.Wicklow.