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Crossbridge National School Ukulele class this week.

Something to cheer us up this afternoon – nothing like letting your hair down at ukulele class! Many thanks to the super Frankie Lane and all his wonderful Music Generation Wicklow students.

Posted by Music Generation Wicklow on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This programme is running in many schools as a progression from our Foundation Music. Many schools choose to have whole class tuition in either tin whistle or recorder and in the case of classes that are not too large we can introduce ukulele, Bodhrán or violin.

We ask that each class group commits to two or three years with this programme to ensure that the students can become skilful on their instrument. It is important that children leave this class feeling that they have achieved a good standard of playing and feel comfortable with the instrument. Quality outcomes in larger groups take a little longer to develop so we would like to ensure that children have plenty of opportunity to enjoy their learning experience and feel a sense of achievement.

We also encourage the development of ensembles from Whole Class Instrumental as this facilitates additional learning for children who have a strong interest or skill in their chosen instrument.