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Music Instrument Capital Purchase Scheme


Capital Purchase

In September 2013, Music Generation Wicklow announced a once-off capital purchase scheme for organisations providing music access for children and young people under 18 outside our current programmes. Any of the following parties not currently part of the MGW Programmes were eligible to apply:

  • Schools
  • Youth Groups/Youth Clubs
  • Youth Orchestras for children/young people
  • Jazz Music Ensembles for children/young people
  • Classical Music Ensembles for children/young people
  • Youth Bands of any type, Wind/Brass/Rock
  • Private Music Providers

Music Generation Wicklow provided up to 70% of the capital purchase price of music instruments for successful eligible applicants. We required successful applicants to provide match funding of 30%. Applicants had to document how the children and young people will have access to the instruments and how they will be supported locally to learn them and/or perform. We were open to applications from groups who facilitate the participation of children and young people in both formal and informal ways. For example if a youth orchestra needed violins, if a traditional group need concertinas, if a school needed instruments for music lessons, or if a youth club with a practice space for young people needed to add to their instrument bank. We were open to taking applications for instruments from any music genre, traditional, classical, rock, world music etc.

The main criterion for this fund was intended to have a maximum impact for those who could not ordinarily afford music instruments. Applicants must have demonstrated how they will support the children and young people to use the instruments in lessons and/or rehearsals or performance. In the application form we asked applicants to give us as much information as possible as to how the instruments will be used, maintained and repaired. We anticipated a large volume of applications to the scheme therefore we informed groups that we may have to prioritise how funding is awarded. However we were successful in allocating funds to all eligible applicants. The amount of €54,194.99 was awarded with some groups also receiving quality instruments already purchased by Music Generation Wicklow. Successful groups and organisations received their funding at an award ceremony in early December 2013.