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Stepping Tones Preschool Programme

Stepping Tones Music Generation Wicklow

Music Generation Wicklow has developed a Pre-school Music Programme Stepping Tones which is now available to Early Years organisations throughout Co. Wicklow. In 2013/2014 we delivered this specifically tailored programme to over 500 young children as a pilot programme with great success.

The Preschool Music Programme gives children between 2 years and 5 years of age the opportunity to develop new skills including listening, responding, performance and composition through music.

It also focuses on developing confidence and communication skills through music games, playing instruments and movement.

The programme is delivered by specialist early-years music tutors and aims to build confidence and expertise within preschool staff so that musical activity can continue after participation in the programme is completed.

A fully qualified music tutor is assigned to deliver workshops over a 6 week period at selected preschools. Each workshop is 40 minutes in duration.

Contact Music Generation Wicklow to learn more about how your Early Years Organisation can access the Stepping Tones Pre School Music Programme